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Domestic Payments Pro

1.5 usd

If they don't send you the bills and you have to take readigs of the electricity, gas and water meters by yourself or if you're just curious about your water and electricity consumption and want to reduce your bills - this application is for you.Adds free "Domestic Payments Pro" keeps the readings of your meters along with the water, electricity, gas and sewage tariffs in the database and calculates your water, gas and electricity consumption and the amount of money you must pay for water, electricity, gas and sewage.
Different tariff plans are supported: - Simple, Day and night, Peak and half peak and night, One step, Two steps tariff plans for electricity; - Cold water, Cold and hot water tariffs for water; - Simple, One step, Two steps tariff plans for gas;
You can track as many meters as you wish for every dwelling unit.
If it's dark and you can't see the meter reading use an embedded flashlight.
If you want to see some statistical data just press a dedicated menu item and a bar chart will appear on the screen.